Instagram Followers- A way to monitor your Instagram leads?

Everybody is busy scrolling their social media feed 24×7 nowadays; social media usage is on the rise. The most common one among different social media sites is Instagram. You must have heard of it, Right?

Everyone wants to get leads on Instagram- The number of Instagram followers are dominant in today’s youth. Going for something better is not wrong until it doesn’t overtake you. Social presence is a necessity in this online era; An Instagram post gets more attention than the same thing said offline.

How to get Instagram views and likes? 

‘Instagram views’ means number of people who views your post and likes indicated the number who have hit the like button. You don’t need to get into Instagram likes vs views. They are two chapters of the same story. Together they will increase your lead and establish you as a high brand in its market. So here are some tips to increase Instagram likes-

  1. Consistent – You need to be consistent even on social media. That’s the only way to survive there. People might get interested in your profile by a few good posts. This interest starts to fade if your post doesn’t appear on their feed for a long time. This way you will lose leads.
  1. Be real- you need to be real because a fake interesting personality might get very attention initially. But you will ultimately lose Instagram followers of you will not be in that identity for a long time. It’s not possible to carry a fake personality for a long time in public.
  1. Hard work- It plays a role in every sphere of life and here too. You knew to post frequently with trendy hash-tags and catchy captions.
  1. Use hash-tags- Instagram likes hash-tags. Its algorithm is as such that it promotes trendy hash-tags. So using proper hash-tags increases your visibility in others’ feeds.


  1. Post on trending topics- Posting trendy topics is advantageous as no one wants to see old boring stuff in their feed. So stay updated with trends.
  1. Informative Bio- First thing someone sees in your profile is your bio. It should be informative and engaging; Try using different fonts and stickers. But don’t overdo it!
  1. Stay humble in progress – Once you get enough followers, stay grounded. Humbly reply to followers because they can bring new leads hence more likes.

These are some ways to get more likes. So, go ahead, post your stuff, be consistent, but first and foremost, Be real!!! Try to get Instagram likes for hashtags but don’t unnecessarily worry yourself with questions like- Can Instagram like disappear overnight? It can’t.